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Speedo Aquabeat Earphones for Speedo Waterproof MP3 Players

Speedo Aquabeat Earphones for Speedo Waterproof MP3 Players
  • Speedo Aquabeat Earphones for Speedo Waterproof MP3 Players

Speedo Aquabeat Earphones for Speedo Waterproof MP3 Players

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Date Added: Tuesday 04 December, 2012
5 of 5 Stars!
Still the very best waterproof earphones for me. Bought cheap replacements when my original Aquabeat phones wore out but not a patch on these. Worth the money. Rarely dislodge even when tumble turning.
5 of 5 Stars!
Andy Grayson
Date Added: Tuesday 15 November, 2011
4 of 5 Stars!
I bought these to replace the standard headphones that came with my Aquabeat v2.0. Speedo has changed the design of the headphones in the v2.0 so that they also work properly out of the water - however they dont stay in when you are swimming (design ...Read morefault there Speedo).
I had a pair of these with my original Aquabeat. They are a very strange concept. On dry land the sound quality is terrible, worse that a stock pair of iPhone headphones to give you an idea. Use them in water though and it all makes sence, the sound quality becomes much better. They dont give super bass or crisp treble, but you have to remember you are only going to use these when your swimming. For that purpose the sound quality is more than acceptable. And more importantely, they stay in and are comfy.
If you buy an Aquabeat v2.0, trust me, you'll need a pair of these as well.
4 of 5 Stars!
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Date Added: Sunday 12 June, 2011
5 of 5 Stars!
I purchased these as replacement for the bud ones which because of piercing round of ear i could only wear one bud these are a great fit sound quality is great.
5 of 5 Stars!
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Stuart Rogerson
Date Added: Thursday 24 February, 2011
5 of 5 Stars!
I recenmtly purchased a set of Speedo Aquabeat Earphones. Not as you might imagine so as to go swimming and listen but for the fact that I could never get ordinary earphones to stay in my ear.
The Aquabeat fit snugly into the ear channel due to the ...Read moredifferent plugs that can be fitted onto the earphones. This ensures a perfect fit for me. Obviously my ears are not made for normal earphones but Aquabeat are. Well done I can now go for long walks listening to my audible books without keeping my hands on my ears to hold ordinary plugs in!!
5 of 5 Stars!
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Date Added: Friday 03 September, 2010
4 of 5 Stars!
Sound Quality is fine for swimming, you are swimming after all and dont require 3D studio sound with mega-bass or need to hear every tiny chord being played!
They stay in the ear well, I have big ears and they are fine! I never could handle buds as ...Read morethey just drop out, but these over the ear loops do the trick.
You do need to let them dry out after a swim, I put them on window sill.
Wire is very thin, though I'm sure this is to make them light and not get in the way when doing your swim at full speed for an hour. However, I think if you gave it an accidental tug, you would need to buy another pair. So good for speeder up and down the pool, but if you lark about with the kids, you may find yourself buying more than one pair! Having said that, mine are still working fine, so it may just be an illusion.....
SUPER FAST DELIVERY, and good contact from site.
All in all, good purchase and I would recommend.
4 of 5 Stars!
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Nicola Gennaioli
Date Added: Wednesday 05 May, 2010
4 of 5 Stars!
good item, gives medium high quality sound ( bit cutted on high tones) in swimming situations; the more you use it carefully the more it last. Tips: wear it out of water with the larger earplugs, dont swim too much underwater, remenber to take off th...Read moree plugs after swim ad make the phones to dry freely.
With two samples you should last a whole year of swimming pool training-
4 of 5 Stars!
1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Philip Eddington
Date Added: Tuesday 04 May, 2010
5 of 5 Stars!
I really wanted these headphones as the ones supplied with my Aquabeat didn't come with the ribs and so when I swam with them the headphones would need adjusting at every end of the baths. The new ones I now have have the ribs or whatever they are ca...Read morelled but the extra length and grip these give really help to hold the the headphone in the ear and provide a every effective seal too. The sound of my swimming stroke is much reduced so I can really concentrate on the music. If you have the type with just a dome ear plug ditch them and get these instead. You'll be glad you did!!
5 of 5 Stars!
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Joseph Parker
Date Added: Friday 12 March, 2010
5 of 5 Stars!
These headphones deliver clear sound with absoluely no water getting in whatsoever. They are a radical improvement on the what I believe were the original Speedo Aquabeat earphones in that they are more streamlined and the ear plys have sigificantly ...Read moremore grip when fitted than the previous version.
5 of 5 Stars!
4 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

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