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SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi
  • SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi
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SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi

£109.00 £19.99
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  • SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi

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    Customer Review

    Les Burke

    (24th December 2012)
    Can't describe this pair of technological supremecy. Awsome sound, fantastic clarity, didn't know you could pack so much in a tiny bundle. Was recommended by a
    SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi
    SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology Rated 5/5 by What HiFi
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    In the box
    • SoundScience QSB - 30W USB Desktop Speakers
    • Detachable Audiophile Grade Magnet Cable
    • USB Cable
    • Travel Case

    Customers Reviews

    Average customers review
    5 of 5 Stars! (87 customer reviews)

    Ray Cossey(Date Added: Friday 30 January, 2015)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    More than happy with these speakers. Great sound from such small units. The neat carrying case is a bonus.

    Andrew monk(Date Added: Tuesday 30 December, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Outstanding value and amazing sound quality. So good I bought a second pair as a Christmas present for my Godson.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
    David Oliver(Date Added: Thursday 18 December, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Excellent pair of USB speakers which originally sold for over a 100 of you're well earned pounds. Excellent sound, build quality and a very handy carry case. Buy these as they are a steal

    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
    Allan Drummond(Date Added: Tuesday 11 November, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Amazing value for money , I can see how the were priced on wrong side of £100 before, The phonics are awsome from them , Very bassy if you use something to sit them on above laptop height to resonate . Advancedmp3players is my new gadget shop , well done guys

    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
    Stephen Cragg(Date Added: Thursday 30 October, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Excellent desktop speakers - but not 30W sound output.
    Neat looking and lead just long enough to locate close by a laptop but the sound output is way less than the 30W suggested.
    Sound quality is definitely good for such small speakers.

    0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
    Richard McGill(Date Added: Friday 10 October, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    I bought a pair of these speakers for my son who is at university he thinks they are amazing for playing his music on his laptop.

    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
    Richard Healy(Date Added: Thursday 12 June, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Wanted some decent speakers for my desktop and found these at a real knockdown price. The sound quality is really good for my needs and these things are really well made. Even come with an attractive case. Nothing not to like about them really. Go on just buy them

    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
    Andy McGowan(Date Added: Friday 06 June, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    I was very impressed with the sound that came out of these speakers as soon as I plugged them in.
    Really can't understand some of the comments being made about them, they're usb speakers but some comments sound like people where expecting to hear "True" High-End audio quality from them!!
    Found their construction to be of a high quality, much more so than I had been anticipating given the price paid and in comparison to other usb speakers that I have had previously, also a great carry case that they come in.
    For their intended use, they were an excellent purchase and recently used them with my lap-top outdoors during a bbq and everyone commented very positively on the sound that came out of them.
    Would I recommend them to others, Yes. Would I buy another pair in the future, If I could still get them at the same price then Hell Yes!!
    Would I pay the full RRP for them, No, as I do believe that there are better performing models out there for that price, but more than satisfied with the product and at the price that I did pay consider them to be a bargain :-)

    0 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
    Dave Stanway(Date Added: Friday 30 May, 2014)
    3 of 5 Stars!

    Happy considering that I paid £17.99 for these as IMHO that is a fair price for them, but had I paid any more than that I would have been returning them for a refund. The quality is excellent, but I find that they are nowhere near 30W, more like 2w to be honest.I was impressed that they worked with an android Tablet too but again nowhere near 30W.

    2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
    Kort Napping(Date Added: Thursday 29 May, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    These are without doubt the best USB speakers that I have ever bought. They won't beat a mains-wired 2.1 system desktop setup using a soundcard output, but that is a very unfair comparison.
    For the money that I paid, and for their size, the sound that they deliver is truly exceptional. The laws of physics dictate that they can never compete with a dedicated subwoofer and satellites, but for their size, I have not heard anything as good.
    1. Work off USB cable: no mains connection required
    2. This makes them highly portable and for client presentations they are ideal
    3. Given that they are powered from the USB port, the sound is amazing
    4. Great clarity of sound and separation of instruments
    5. Great stereo image
    6. Great range and depth of sound for their size
    7. Great volume considering they are only powered by USB socket
    8. Come in a handy case for easy stowage
    9. Great price
    10.Look and sound far more expensive than they are

    1. Although they are quite portable, they are quite heavy, but it's a trade-off that i am prepared to accept.`

    2 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
    Anthony(Date Added: Monday 21 April, 2014)
    2 of 5 Stars!

    If you're looking for a replacement for your desktop speakers, and you're a lover of base, move along as you will be disappointed.

    Going by all these raving reviews, as well as recommended on What Hi-Fi, I thought "For £19, it's worth a punt, lets see if that is true". For the RRP of £80-90 these are certainly not worth it, and reflect on their now discount price. For £20? Yes, they are worth that. Will they be better than your laptop speakers? Most likely, however I was hoping these would out perform my 2013 built-in iMac's speakers, but boy was I wrong.

    If you like your bass, you will not get that here with these. If non bass music then I can see these being ok for you, but if you like a good beat: dance, D&B, dub step etc. this music will just get lost using these.

    If they were more costly I would have returned them, but I am sure they will have some use somewhere around the house.

    Only 2 stars because for some music they will do well, and as a laptop replacement, they'll serve that purpose too, but as a 5-star product, as the original price - no way! At £20, to be honest you could probably do better elsewhere.

    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
    Andy(Date Added: Saturday 12 April, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Very impress with my purchase and the sound pumping out is unbelievable for such small speakers on a laptop. It was the best buy I brought so far this year and would not hesitate to recommend them to some one else. I also was very impress with the service I received from the seller of this product thier was keeping inform from the moment of the sale to my delivery by Micheal delivery driver. WELL DONE ALL.

    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
    Michael Poynor(Date Added: Tuesday 25 March, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Absolutely superlative quality and value!
    They look good, feel good, deliver excellent sound, and come in a brilliant zipped carrier case, which means they can be safely carted about without any fear of damage.
    The best value small speakers I have ever seen or heard.

    andy young(Date Added: Thursday 13 March, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Great Price great sound well worth buying work really well and would certainly recommend

    Mark Thornhill(Date Added: Monday 10 March, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Excellent, great sound and neat looking speakers. Unbeatable for the price.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
    david james(Date Added: Wednesday 26 February, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    great sounding speakers,excelent design and price best value ever.

    Colin Dent(Date Added: Friday 21 February, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Value for money at £19.99 but as for 30 watts even at PMPO lacking a little, but good quality Sound.
    Delivery top marks.

    tjcumming(Date Added: Thursday 20 February, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Excellent value for money. So simple and efficient - exactly what was required. Good sound in all contexts - I use them with my laptop for iplayer, etc.

    John Hamill(Date Added: Friday 14 February, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    These SoundScience QSB Desktop Speakers are really good. The sound is smooth, powerful, and clear -
    10/10. Also very fast dispatch from the Advanced MP3 Players website, a very good seller.
    Many thanks,

    SanR(Date Added: Friday 31 January, 2014)
    5 of 5 Stars!

    Excellent value for money. Great speakers, great sound quality and fast delivery.

    Press Reviews

    The Scotsman Review
    The Scotsman Review "The design is clean and simple – all that was required was a union with my laptop's USB port. Recognised immediately by Windows – the QSB sprang into life with a balanced, powerful rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, while the edgy tones of Glasvegas echoed with the sonic sharpness of shattered glass. The treble was shrill, the bass powerful – with a width of soundstage that such small speakers have no right to produce."     Full Review
    Date Added: Tuesday 14 June, 2011

    TechWorld "While not quite an audiophile’s dream, these stylish little speakers do an excellent job. If you’re moving on up from the integrated speakers in your laptop, you’ll be more than satisfied with the SoundScience QSBs. On the other hand, if you love your bass-heavy tunes or require absolute precision in your sound reproduction, perhaps they aren’t for you. The QSBs are selling for around £90, and at that price are an extremely tempting proposition if you can’t stretch to a fully featured home audio system, or absolutely have to retain portability."     Full Review
    Date Added: Tuesday 05 July, 2011

    MacUser (print only) (RATED: 5/5)
    MacUser (print only) "The QSB speakers are a considerable improvement on the general run of portable speakers for the desktop. While they're more in-your-suitcase than in-your-pocket, they deliver good-quality sound from nothing other than a single USB lead. If you want music or a movie in your hotel room or holiday let without having to plug in earphones, these speakers are a decent solution."
    Date Added: Tuesday 05 July, 2011
    RATED: 5/5

    TechRadar 'Sound quality is excellent, with a wide soundstage, plenty of detail and enough bass to make even a movie convince. If you have a laptop full of films and time to kill in a lonely hotel room, the Sound Science QSB is a wise investment.' TechRadar     Full Review
    Date Added: Monday 12 March, 2012

    Sleepover Review
    Sleepover Review "Overall I give these speakers a high rating of 9/10. They are quality speakers and built with an attention to detail that sets them apart from the competition. In terms of speakers my criteria for selection is simple: go big or go home. I wasn’t impressed with these on paper but after using them I was easily swayed and instantly impressed"-Steph     Full Review
    Date Added: Friday 10 February, 2012

    Trusted Reviews Review (RATED: 9/10)
    Trusted Reviews Review "The Soundscience QSB USB-powered speakers may seem pricey, but their great sound and build quality justify the outlay if you frequently work on a laptop and are not chained to your desk. Cool and convenient, they're probably the most desirable USB speakers around."     Full Review
    Date Added: Tuesday 24 May, 2011
    RATED: 9/10

    Gadgets and Technology News Review
    Gadgets and Technology News Review

    We literally could not believe how powerful the sound was, considering the small amount of power being delivered into the device. Many of us have got used to the idea that if something is not powered externally, then it just will not be very loud. But QSB's are a real engineering masterpiece, quashing those preconceptions.

    And at 85mm square they are small enough to fit in any suitcase and to find room on any desk. Simply perfect.

    Top marks on all accounts.

        Full Review
    Date Added: Monday 16 May, 2011

    Computer Active Review (RATED: 3/5)
    Computer Active Review "The £90 price tag might seem high for a pair of small speakers but this kit frees the user from the mains power point, making it a great choice for people who need good sound on the road."     Full Review
    Date Added: Monday 16 May, 2011
    RATED: 3/5

    Tech Made Easy Review (RATED: 8.5/10)
    Tech Made Easy Review

    We've given the QSB speakers a bit more of a test than you might expect for a simple set of speakers. We felt it important to test them in a variety of different circumstances and in different types of location. Not once did we find them to be of less use than the speakers or headset that they were replacing, and moving them from place to place was an absolute breeze. It's a bit of a shame that they won't work with other devices such as Android tablets, but then this is down to a lack of support within Android, not any fault of the speakers themselves.

    They are definitely more impressive at higher volumes than you might expect. Speakers of this physical size often struggle when pushed too far but if anything these speakers improve the higher you set the volume. They're not going to fill Wembley stadium, but for medium to large sized rooms you shouldn't experience any problems whatsoever.

    In terms of price, the QSB's are on sale at AdvancedMP3Players for just under £90, which is a lot for a set of portable speakers. But these simply blow every other set of portable speakers that we've used out of the water, both in terms of performance and style. If you're in the market for a set of portable speakers then you could certainly do a lot worse in this area of the market, these chomp at the heels of speakers that cost two or three times as much while offering comparable levels of performance.

        Full Review
    Date Added: Monday 16 May, 2011
    RATED: 8.5/10