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Graham Slee The Voyager Portable Headphone Amplifier

Graham Slee The Voyager Portable Headphone Amplifier
  • Graham Slee The Voyager Portable Headphone Amplifier

Graham Slee The Voyager Portable Headphone Amplifier

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Mike Schofield
Date Added: Tuesday 04 October, 2011
5 of 5 Stars!
I invested in a pair of Shure 535's from Advanced MP3 players. They are incredible. I then stumbled across the idea of a headphone amplifier and I started to do some research, reading various reviews I could not find any poor reviews of this item so ...Read moreI decided to go for it. Once again Advanced MP3 came up with the goods at the best price. So it was linked to the Shure 535's and words simply cannot do the combination justice. I have them both linked to my Sony NW HD5 and tracks are at 356kbs.The speaker units are being driven with a real thump and I would not have thought it possible to hear more previously unheard sounds, but this unit has made this new sound experience possible. I now walk to work with a bigger smile on my face. I am so impressed with the combination, I guess the only thing I could do to improve the quality, after reading other reviews, would be to transfer tracks at lossless quality to an mp3player but I am so very happy with what I have even at such an early stage in it's use. I still believe my old NWHD5 is much better than an i pod. If you have bought a decent set of speaker units, then this will get the most out of them and surely that is what you bought the headphones for, to get the best sound.
5 of 5 Stars!
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Will Roebuck
Date Added: Thursday 17 February, 2011
5 of 5 Stars!
I've been running the Voyager for about 100 hours so far to drive my Sennheiser HD650s. The sound is getting better all the time; I'm very happy.
5 of 5 Stars!
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K Philips
Date Added: Thursday 10 February, 2011
5 of 5 Stars!
I have used this Graham Slee Voyager most days for a time now with an Acer Aspire 8943g laptop and a pair of AKG K702 headphones.

I am a very serious about my headphones. It is to me the only way to listen!

What can I say but this bit of kit ...Read moreis a joy to behold. Superlatives come in many ways ie; Nirvavna or El Derado if you go on these lines I for one will say Don't think just buy! This is so Awesome that I am now looking at other Graham Slee products, Solo more than likely.

The only critism I can make is that it has just a tad to plasticky. I am aware that it is meant more for the iPod / Mp3 fraternity but a tad more substance to the casing would not go amiss. I know weight is all important in this scenario but when you see what these youngsters carry these days, and how they chuck things about a more solid / heavier enclosure might be for the better.

I will point out here that I have no affiliation whatsoever with Graham Slee Products except as a very satisfied Voyager owner.

Many Thanks
5 of 5 Stars!
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john kerprich
Date Added: Monday 23 August, 2010
5 of 5 Stars!
Kowabunga! Been listening for another 3 months, so I probably put another 300hrs of 'burn in time' on my voyager! So that's 1200 hrs. total, and the soundstage has opened up even more, gosh its like a new amp altogether, don't understand it, but this...Read more thing sure holds its surprises, i'm listening to it now and all i can say is WOW!!! It's like i've got full sized cans on, finally got my UE TF10's, been using them for about 2 1/2 months, and upgraded my source to to a 7th gen 160gb ipod, and i've been using that for about three weeks. Now out of the blue the sound stage has really changed, opened up by x3 -no kidding! And the sound has gotten fuller and even more rich! i thought it was a fluke and that it was just the recording of a song by Bobby Vinton, but it went to like listening to it in a huge cave, just enormous! that was last night, and then while walking the dog in the park, i started to notice that the same songs that i'd been listening to seemed super engaging and 10x's more enjoyable, as if that could be happening with what i thought was my 'already burnt in' Voyager! But nope, not a fluke at all, 'cuz all the music is now playing even more full and hugely open, like i am sitting in a concert hall listening to them!!! What can i say if you want an awesome amp get Grahams you won't be disapointed!!! The guy must have pixies and elves working in his shop, 'cuz someone is sure working some magic!! Thanks again Graham and Team!!
5 of 5 Stars!
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john kerprich
Date Added: Saturday 15 May, 2010
5 of 5 Stars!
Sweet! This is a must buy, music thereapy -audiophile style. I literally can't stop listening to it, I'm rediscovering music everday!
I've had mine for 2 months now, i probably have averaged 10 to 15+ hours a day, so almost 900 hours of 'burn in' t...Read moreime, and oh my goodness, what a sound, awesome mids, highs and lows, and the sound stage is tremendously pleasant, and oooh sooo very easy and soothing to listen to. Many thanks to Graham and his team!!!
He's changed my listening days forever, seriously, no really seriously, when i have this on, I'm a happy person again!!! like i said, MUSIC THERAPY!!
And thats with a 6th gen ipod, and only as pair of razor morray IEMs, i can't wait till i can afford some professional UE triple fi's,
I admit it that the G.S.V's sound will bounce back and forth, from 'what the heck happened', and then back to the heavenly music, BUT I've found that burning Grahams amp in is the key, i'd listen to it with just music playing for about 8 hours during the day, and then plug it in to my pc with a variety of sounds playing for 10 hours at night, white noise, pink noise, water sounds, frequencies, and a running fan noise?
That's 5 hours of sounds repeated, now getting it set up right took some trial and error, but alternating between the contour being on and off, 2 nights with the contour off, and 1 night with it on, contour off seemed to open up the sound stage a lot more? Crank the volume all the way up! on Grahams amp, and on the pc's output, and then use a volume controler so you don't blow your headphones out! don't forget to let the amp rest at least 2 hours between sessions of music and sounds, and you'll really enjoy the whole process, and in the end you'll have one burnt in sweet amp, and when you're listening to what heaven sounds like, this old world will never harm or bother you again, grrrr.
Get yourself one and welcome to the GS club, again thanks Graham & Team for leaving a beautiful mark on this ol world of ours!!! hugs from your friend John
5 of 5 Stars!
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Ruth Mackie
Date Added: Tuesday 04 May, 2010
5 of 5 Stars!
Fantastic little amp. I am using it with an iPod Classic and a pair of Klipsch Image X10 in-ear headphones. I'm also taking the sound directly from the iPod dock through a docking connector-to-3.5mm lead, which is critical for the iPod, as it bypasse...Read mores the not-great inbuilt audio output and puts a cleaner signal into the amp

The results are wonderful, even straight out of the box. I sing in a choir and wanted something that could separate out the choral parts from massed voices on a recording so I can learn my own part - the iPod as it comes from Apple just can't cope. The Voyager delivers, and more. One test of a new sound sytem is to see what you can hear in the recording that you didn't know was there on your old system - the Voyager + Klipsch pairing brings out delicate harpsichord and strings from the orchestra and a real depth of sound that I wouldn't have thought the iPod capable of. And that's after only a few hours use!

If you feed rubbish into the amp (i.e. a highly compressed file, or sound from a PC/iPod's headphone socket) or use anything less than the best headphones you can afford, you won't appreciate how good it really is. However, even with such a less than ideal set-up, this amp will pull every scrap of information out of whatever signal it is given and deliver it crisply to your headphones.

It's so good I have to take it everywhere with the iPod (not a problem, as it's so tiny, about the same size as the iPod but a bit thicker) as the 'bare' iPod now sounds awful in comparison with the fantastic output of the Voyager.

If you really want to listen to your music, you owe it to yourself to buy a Voyager. To those reviewers who were disappointed, I would say - look at your source (highly compressed mp3 files? Cheap headphone circuit in the mp3 player supplying garbage to the Voyager?) and your headphones (no point in the Voyager delivering perfection if your headphones can't replicate it in your ears). The Voyager, used with the inputs and outputs it deserves, is unbeatable as a portable amp. Buy it now!

By the way, I have no connection at all with Graham Slee or Advanced MP3 players - I just think this is such a fabulous product that I want to share my experience of it with other people who enjoy hearing their music as it was meant to be heard.
5 of 5 Stars!
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Paulo Martel
Date Added: Wednesday 28 October, 2009
5 of 5 Stars!
According to the manufacturer, my new Graham Slee Voyager is still withing the burn-in period (about 300 hours), and only then it
will reach maximum sound quality. Honestly, I'm having trouble to imagine a better sound quality than this - the sound ...Read morethat comes from this unassuming little black box trough my Sennheiser HD595 headphones is nothing sort of AMAZING. I have also used it with my Shure SE530, with equally brilliant results. For the record, I use a 160 GB Ipod (6G) as my main sound source, with a Qables silver cable (dock to mini-jack). The bass shaping function for "street" headphones works very well, I have used it with the Senn CX400-II and it gives a more full-bodied sound and better defined bass without overwhelming the rest of the range.
With the Voyager, I'm rediscovering my music collection, new sounds never hear before, and a spaciousness that has to be experienced to be believed.
Thank you Graham for putting out such a wonderful product! (And thanks for Advanced MP3 players for good price and fast hassle-free delivery).
5 of 5 Stars!
2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Alexander Belonin
Date Added: Thursday 02 July, 2009
3 of 5 Stars!
Was reading all those positive reviews... Just got this product to enpower my mp3.
However, after I plugged it between Zen mp3 and Sony audio system, the always well balanced sound image fell apart.

1. 3dimentional sound stage become 2d...Read moreimentional stereo headphones - sound was spread between my left and right ears. No more sound image, just two spakers.

But that's not all:
2. Instruments, voices lost the colors: as if my mp3 recordings were downgraded from 320 to 94 kbps compression.

I tryed different cables, power supplies, flat and countor settings, volumes - no result. The best indicator of a good sound for me is how long I can listen to it without getting tired. So, that is how I know the Zen sounds much better without Voyager help.

Some will note that this amp was built and tuned for headphones, not other set ups - my point is a good amp will increase the volume with a minimum distortion of the the contents. No sound editing!

Someone, in the review above, said it takes 200 hours for this amp to start sounding natural ... well, it is risky to wait that long - no refund after 7 days.

I is a good amp perhaps compared to others I tried (noise levels are very low, doesn't produce any heat), but it definetly has no X-factor for me, for the reasons above.

Perhaps, with my ears and demands, I should have gone for Graham's professional quality reference amp, but it is too expensive for me.

So, for this one, I can only give 3 star rating. Given the price (one of the most expensive non-pro amp on the market) I would give it only 2, but I am afraid, that I will loose my credibility against all those 5 star review, HIFI and Graham Slee's reputation.

Nice one, but it does not make me happy, at all.
3 of 5 Stars!
3 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
Date Added: Tuesday 03 March, 2009
5 of 5 Stars!
Good amp! Good Soundstaging, bass, extended highs etc. Pairing with with the Shure SE530 earphones. Needs to run-in at least 200 hours for the sound to open up and sound natural. Overall, no faults that I can hear.
5 of 5 Stars!
2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Ashley Douce
Date Added: Wednesday 21 January, 2009
5 of 5 Stars!
I wanted to improve the sound from my laptop so I invested in a pair of HD650 headphones with the advice that I would need a headphone amp as well. With my job I am always on the move and find myself in hotel rooms most nights. With that in mind I do...Read moren't want to be lugging to much stuff around with me, so I was looking for someting portable. I discovered th 'Graham Slee Voyager' and opted to buy with no regrets! the item is a splendid little device that provides impressive power. It's perfect for what need and am glad I bought it! Marvelous little device!
5 of 5 Stars!
2 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
Steven Gridley
Date Added: Wednesday 07 May, 2008
5 of 5 Stars!
When used on the move the sound is stunning, I use it with the Ultimate Ears pro 10's, giving me a very immersive set up. At home through a half decent hifi this little box of tricks make my Senny HD600's sing like never before. It might be a small a...Read moremp and basic to look at, but it is worth every penny invested in it.
5 of 5 Stars!
3 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Larry Vandendriessche
Date Added: Thursday 17 April, 2008
5 of 5 Stars!
This is a fantastic amp. It really brings out the depth of the sound. Great bass without being boomy.
5 of 5 Stars!
2 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

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